Friday, September 07, 2007

In Which We Intimate Many Things

Okay, been very lazy and putting off blog post for a long time. Short updates, ergo.

Was very ill for a couple of days about two weeks ago. Stomach infection. Still somewhat bothered. But wonderful afternoon-evening spent with P, D and B.

Belgian chocolates are YUMMM. And Lucky Strikes. Every Amreek-returning person must now bring me Belgian chocolates and/or Lucky Strike Silvers. Otherwise, I shall disown or nag them—whichever they dislike more.

My employers are bleddy morons. One of the cheques was returned by the banks because it was post-dated. Bleddy 2009! I have sent irate email demanding new cheque and reimbursement for hassle incurred.

I have two pairs of nice new shoes. For a total of Rs. 480! Muahaha. Blessed be Donut and Parzan (like Tarzan) for traipsing patiently all over New Market, and Waffle, who was there part of the way. The jutis are pretty, but the stilettoes are really sexy. Sample this:

I bought the first of the Bartimaeus books, and I am hooked. Have nagged Hanky into the conviction that she must buy the other two for me as an advance birthday gift. To be given NOW.

Watched The Invasion. Had me terrified in bits, towards the beginning, but then blithered and blathered and degenerated into this bleh piece of extraordinary badness. And Daniel Craig—what perfectly disastrous hair! My lust, it recedes.

Am not talking to my dad. Big bad fight with him.

The camera and I are making friends with each other. Though the picture quality for the night images is sorely inadequate (since I hate using the flash), I am adoring it. And clicking like mad.

I am bored; I want work. Academics is not particularly interesting at the moment. And am not feeling too inspired or creative, either. Best time to do boring work and earn money, therefore.

Kombol is a tiny little kitten that a friend found on the streets last week. She's black, with a white belly and limbs, excitable, and very very adorable. The friend, alas, has four cats—two of whom have been recently sterilised—and cannot provide permanent shelter for her. In fact, she can't keep it for longer than this weekend. If we don't find an adoptive parent soon, the poor orphan baby will have to be turned out into the streets. Would you like to have her? Or do you know someone who would? My friend will take care of sterilisation in a few months' time. These are two videos of her:

I want her bad, but my mum won't let me keep a cat. :(