Sunday, November 19, 2006


In celebration of the occasion of all pending assignments nearly being over, went on impromptu first proper 'outing' since I broke my toe last night. Princeton Club FINALLY. Nice place, well-decorated, very good band, cheap-ish booze (I refuse to say 'cheap' unequivocally because even though everything else is cheaper, my Bacardi was one and a half times as expensive as at Oly), lots of familiar faces. And oh, they played really nice music after the band finished as well. So I won't mind going back. Stayed over at PTS's house post-Princeton. Gossiped for hours. Then ate biscuits and dahi vada and bhujia and then chatted some more, and then finally passed out at about four thirty in the morning. Very random conversations happened. Including publication history of Mills and Boons and nasty people in JUDE and sadomasochism. Was fed breakfast by PTS's mom, and then eventually landed up at home at two in the afternoon. Feeling sick-ish today, and very exhausted. I think I'll go to bed, even though there's one last paper due on Monday.

I've been thinking about endearments and nicknames. It's very odd when someone that you're kidding around with suddenly calls you a name that's reserved only for certain people. It's even odder when you try explaining to people why they can't call you those names.

Nighty night, world.