Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mad Sade Made Sad

The last and final paper has been submitted today. So yay! I'm a free bird (or at least I insist that I shall be; I refuse to do anything academic) for the next two days. A bored (entertainment, anyone?) and broke (somebody give me a job pleeeeeease!) bird, I admit, but the key word here is FREE.
Went and watched Casino Royale last night. Really enjoyed it. Gripping. Daniel Craig (Ooooh, what a body! *Drowning in a pool of drooooool.* Please go away if you are grossed out, and allow a poor girl to continue in peace with her lustful fantasies) makes a very different and an unexpectedly good Bond. Unfortunately, this also leaves me rather jobless and plan-less for the rest of the week, since my only plans had been rather vague ones of watching the movie. But BD descended last night and whisked me off, and 'tis done already.
So what to do now? Have books to read, and can always watch TV. But it all sounds so insipid. No anticipation. Alas, alas.

[Note: If you read Sade for long enough, and then write about him for three days in a row, you will also come up with wildly incomprehensible post titles like mine. Sigh.]

Update: Pimples on forehead. Arghh. So it seems that not only must I be bored, but also be ugly as well while I am at it.