Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Obligatory Return-to-Blog Post

This is just going to be brief updates. I haven't the energy for detailed descriptions even though I'm blogging after ages, I think.

1. The second joint on the ring finger of my left hand is fractured. It happened when I I hurt my finger on the first day of trek practice. Gah. And I am, apparently, beginning to show signs of very early Osteoporosis (one of the causes of which is evidently smoking) and have been ordered a Bone Density Scan. Along with physiotherapy sessions for the stoopid finger. Peachy.

2. Yes, I am still allowed to go for the trek, provided I take care not to hurt the finger any further and all. So I leave on the 17th of May, I think, and am back on the 1st of June. Yay, getaway!

3. It was my mother's birthday yesterday, and Waffle and I cooked dinner. His mutton was brilliant, and my biryani was pretty good even though slightly overboiled—and that I blame entirely on the microwave going bust in the middle.

4. My exams are from Monday, but I haven't started studying yet. And I got crappy marks in my internal assessments for one paper, and it's very 'DUDE, what the FUCK?' because I know I wrote better answers than what I appear to have written.

5. I worked a LOT the week before this—I was averaging two and a half hours of sleeep—and earned a lot of money. Muhahahahahaha. And no, I will not treat you even if you ask me to. It was money very hard-earned. But YAY, I'm rich!

6. Realisation of a stupid, manipulative, conniving little bitch.

7. Many revelationary conversations, and Telephone-e Dushtumi, a.k.a. TeleTumi.

8. Wonderful days, and an afternoon.

9. Stressed out bedtimes.

10. Out of steam.