Sunday, April 08, 2007


I've been very frazzled lately. So many papers, assignments, tests! Gah, I HATE end of term. 'Tis insane!
I spent all of last Monday night illustrating a kiddy story that I wrote for my Children's Literature course. Turned out rather cute, I think. Not brilliant, but cute. Illustration is not my forte, though. and I am NEVER doing sixteen panels in a single night. Ever. Ten hours of my life... gone, whoosh! Passed out at a waffly location Tuesday afternoon, therefore, and was woken up from sleep by Gelato-Lady and dragged back to class, for which only two other people turned up. Awkward, to say the least.
And then Wednesday night, I had tummy trouble, headache, backache, sore throat, mouth ulcer, a test to study for the next day, quarrel with parents and general attack of the cranks. Bleh. Spent the night alternatively passing out atop my and waking up worried shitless about test.
Very strange and weird things happening at university. Bizarre.
Have had my Fables and Y: The Last Man updated, so yay.
And finally managed to get hold of picture with Ian Anderson. So YAY.
Went for practice for trek today, and promptly managed to injure self. Ring finger of left hand snapped backwards when ball accidentally hit just the tip of my finger. Owwww. My finger, 'tis all blue and swollen and gross right now. Looks like an undernourished eggplant fruit. Hand more or less out of commission, since the finger doesn't bend or straighten or do any other useful thing. It just looks ugly and hurts like a bitch. Am very unfit, by the way, as I realised thanks to practice.

Also, finished making my CV today, finally.

My mom got me new racks and tables for my books and thingies yesterday. So Waffle came, and helped clean up my room today. A veritable struggle 'twas, but we won, and I have a clean room. Happiness.