Thursday, December 21, 2006

Say hello to Telytoot, fillum star

So Bangla film is finally being released on Friday. I went and watched premiere show with the drunken fish at St. Xavier's today—not quite sure why it happened there, though. Was rather fun. I was somewhat appallingly nyaka in one scene—at this point I point out that all of my scenes are blink-and-you-almost-miss-it—I think, which was much to my amusement remarked upon by some woman sitting behind me. But overall, film was surprisingly enjoyable. Very few useless montages, and some very funny dialogue. Feel free to now walk up to me and ask for an autograph. I shall most graciously oblige.

After fillum, went with to Oly with B'fish and TRB and AG and RBC, where much waiting for food and much gnawing at it occurred. Proceeded to get extremely tipsy on one small rum, and giggled rather hysterically while walking up Freeschool Street—irritating though it might have been for the others, that's the price that you must pay for associating with celebrity, I say. What fun. :-D