Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In his arms she fell as her hair came down

Interesting day. Fiasco with carelessly disposed of cigarette butts; living in minor trepidation. Strange complications with food packets at seminar. Cord jacket gifted by the incredible gelato lady. Beer in the evening resulting in slight tipsiness. Much fiddling with blog template to realise that I'd made TripleB make it look almost exactly like my old template, only a lot less nice. So will revert to the original soon, probably And my vacation finally, I think. Touchwoodtouchwoodtouchwood.

And do listen to Eva Cassidy's cover of Sting's 'Fields of Gold.' I've been hooked onto it ever since I heard it after AG's recommendation. Radioblog link here.
Read the lyrics, too. Incredible song, incredible cover.

Update: Err, the Radioblog link isn't working unfortunately. Hopefully this will, though.