Saturday, November 11, 2006

Odds and ends

It appears that I made a mistake in identifying a quotation in a test, and ergo, wrote an answer on an entirely different poem altogether; naturally, I most deservedly and with justification ended up with a zero for that answer. I got three and a half out of five for the other answer that I wrote for the same test, but now my total score for it is three and a half out of ten thanks to sloppy reading. Ewwwww. I could whine, but it is my fault entirely. Such shoddiness! I am appalled and severely disgruntled with myself. But it turns out that the test I wrote yesterday wasn't completely horrible, and so my marks for that are fairly decent. Probably could have written a better answer, though. Ah well.

I watched Don yesterday with the mother and cousin. I quite enjoyed it. Slick-ish. Could have been snazzier, and some rather loose bits, but a fun watch, nonetheless. I realised that Priyanka Chopra might be really dumb, and have an ordinary face, and be incapable of acting to save her life, but she is very hot. That body! And Kareena Kapoor is FAT! Her flabby flabby arms don't just jiggle, they waggle. And she looks horrible in Roman sandals. I am NOT a worshipper of skinniness. And this is NOT about weight. But I seriously seriously felt that Kareena Kapoor looked terrible in that outfit and utterly ridiculous in that dance sequence.

Watched Top Girls today. Wasn't too bad. Some terrible performances balanced out by some fabulous ones. A couple of people were especially brilliant. And beeyootiful costumes. Loved 'em.

I have, over the last few days, also come to the conclusion that disciplinary is the only kind of action that some people in this world are ever likely to get.