Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Just a quick post to say that I have had a very happy birthday. All those people who've called and messaged and mailed and wished and come over and done other nice things, I adore you SO.
After a long time, I felt very excited about my birthday (excited enough to take Wabbit to university and ask people to squish his tummy), and I have had a lovely day. It also feels great to be up and about and to be able to negotiate movement and distance under my own speed, even though my leg is just about killing me right now because I've done too much too soon in a single day.
Quick present count: Wabbit, cards, flowers, chocolates (many many many of them; I am going to be on a permanent sugar rush till the end of this month, methinks), cigarettes, a tea and glucose cigarette (highly recommended), a belt, some much needed (and appreciated) cash, a beeyootiful photostand, a pretty blue elephant mug (uh, dude, what is it with me and blue animals these days? How do I manage to unwittingly attract them so? Not that I am complaining, of course - I adore them all), lovely jewellery, and the prettiest slinkiest silver anklet ever. I am highly kicked. :D
And the menu: Chips and cherry brandy, lemon rice, dahi paneer, chilli chicken, custard, and Mommy-made chocolate cream layer cake with Gems. Slurp.

I have had a loverly day. Hello world. :)