Monday, September 25, 2006

Strangest Search Terms

cigarette trees (You get those? WHERE? Don't break my heart and tell me that you were just looking for Big Rock Candy Mountain.)

most excellent someplace else shakira (Hmm. Someplace Else and Shakira - both are most excellent, I'll grant.)

mouse water spill (I am tempted to make cracks about marine life and oil spills, but I won't.)

boobs. (The direct approach.)

www .midnight (Hot French people at midnight?)

mahalaya sms / SMS and mahalaya (The largest number of hits from this one. More than twenty one. Dude, what on earth?)

mam daughter fucked (Perverse. Period.)

how alcohol ruins relationships (But on MY blog?)

how hot is a cigarette butt (Ahem. Yes, of course - I was just about to blog precisely that. You read my mind.)

bruised sternum relief (Sympathies. Bruised sternums are terrible things. Sorry I couldn't help.)

teleute drunk in someplace else (Oooh, I'm famous! People are actually looking for me, and that too, an inebriated me, and at a place where I've often been! No. Wait. That's just scary.)

tresspassers will be kill & eaten (My personal favourite.)

I've included search terms that led to my blog not just through Google, but through other search engines like MSN Search and as well. And I've included more than the ten required terms. But couldn't choose.

I was tagged by a Chamique. I tag , in turn, GreatBong, Jill and Samit.