Monday, September 25, 2006

Fever. Headache. Rant.

AG: ... is it a virus?

Mia: hote paare viral fever
jani na
homoeopathic oshudh khacchhi

AG: that's a good idea

Mia: ke jaane
the last many many times i've been ill, i've had homoeopathic medicine only

AG: same here

Mia: i have no idea about its effectivity though
my father's preference

AG: it usually works, though the effect is probably mostly psychological

Mia: amar sotyi kono opinion nei
amar baba khete bolen, ami khai
it takes about a week for my fever to be generally healed following homoeopathy
and it takes just about that long for me to get better without medication as well

AG: ki badhya meye... :-)

Mia: it's what i was arguing with my dad about when you first messaged
long messy history

AG: ah right...

Mia: while i have no issues with homoeopathy, i have a problem with refusing to explore any other options at all
i think the last time i even had an antibiotic was three years ago
and there are times when i could have done with

AG: ahaha...i now see the full-blown canvas

Mia: yes
it irks me that if i have a bad cough, i can't have cough syrup and avail of any kind of comfort

AG: medical fundamentalists....i see

Mia: but have to wait for homoeopathy to work its wonders over 7 months
na, ami seriously bolchhi - for certain complaints, homeopathy has worked wonders

AG: this is indeed a raw nerve!

Mia: amar mouth ulcers hoto
that was mostly cured thanks to h'pathy
but my father carries it a bit to the extreme
and i do not appreciate that

AG: can't you have antibiotics on the sly?

Mia: if my head is exploding thanks to a headache, i can't have paramet or something
see, it's not something that i want to do on the sly
taking medicines is not illegal or unethical
sheta niye lukochurir kono maane hoy na
besides, like i said - i don't think h'pathy is ineffective

AG: but you are, shall we say, pro-choice?

Mia: therefore, if i
am being treated, i won't have something which may or may not affect the treatment

AG: as opposed to you dad

Mia: yes
i would like to be given a choice, which i am not

AG: what does your mom have to say about this?
typically, it is the mothers who decide this kind of stuff

Mia: ma also would prefer a choice
but she actually prefers antibiotics and stuff because they work faster
na, ma also has huge fights with baba
eventually what happens is baba decides on homoeopathy, ma shouts, and then they get antibiotics
it is very very irritating
my father's lack of understanding that people may have other preferences

AG: i can see that

Mia: acchha, i will stop ranting now :)
sorry, you asked me a pertinent question at a very specific time, when i was just about ready to explode anyway

AG: yes, that was a rather long rant, but it did reveal the extent of your irritation

Mia: hehe, i apologise

AG: no no, it was ok

Mia: ami majhemajhe
ektu carried away hoye jai