Monday, June 12, 2006


My nephews B and K are brats.
B and his family are down in Calcutta after ages. So BD arrived on Friday, and the two of us headed for Salt Lake early in the morning yesterday. BD wanted to take me and my mother for a movie on Friday night (my dad was excused from the ritual because of the World Cup) - so I went to Forum to get tickets for Phir Hera Pheri, but everything apart from the first row gallery seats were sold out - so BD made me buy tickets for Chup Chup Ke instead. Really bad film. But has some genuinely hilarious moments. Rajpal Yadav and Paresh Rawal are fantastic; they could actually have had forty five munutes of situational comedy with just the two of them onscreen, and edited out the rest of the film; nobody would have missed anything. I went to meet A after a long time after buying the tickets - and succeeded in having an accidental candlelit date. There was a powercut at Caffeine - hence. Very romantic. But also overwhelmingly hot, and terrible tea. Clearly, the Caffeine kitchen staff is not trained or equipped to deal with such terrible eventualities.
Anyway, most of yesterday, after reaching K's place, was spent at City Centre. Phir Hera Pheri was completely sold out (even today's shows are) - so we didn't manage to watch that. But watched Misson Impossible III and X-Men 3 again because none of the others had watched it. The former is really truly horribly terrible - at the risk of giving away a spoiler - it has Tom Cruise being electrocuted by his wife in order to discharge some bomb thingy in his head and dying, and then coming back to life again; the latter was fun the first time I watched it - but figured out this time that there isn't any plot to it - second watch is not advised. What else happened that was interesting? Oh yes. I fell down inside the Levis' Store at City Centre. They have slippery floor tiles, and I was sort of sliding my feet, so B decided to demonstrate how to skate to me - I watched, and tried, and realised that I was about to hit the counter head on, and decided to stop - only, the signal did not quite reach my feet properly in time, and I ended up sitting perfectly straight on the floor with a little yelp - back straight, legs stretched out straight in front of me, and with my butt and palms hurting like a bitch. Everybody in the store burst into laughter, except for the salespersons, who glared at me until I left. B and K also managed to spill cheese and sauce on my white white t-shirt while fighting over a nachos tray across my lap. What and endless source of entertainment for people I must be.
Last night was plain bizzare. BD, B, K and me crammed into a single bed while there were perfectly good beds for each of us going waste, because my darling nephews just could not bear to have BD and me sleeping away from them. So since BD fell asleep very early on, they decided to keep me awake, and annoy me in all possible ways. As soon as I really got into the Argentina versus Cote d'Ivoire match, they decided to watch Anime. And they kept up an endless repeat of pulling my hair, poking me, trying to push me off the bed, kneeing me in the waist, massaging my shoulder blades, sleeping with their legs across me, etc. With the air conditioner temperature set to freezing, at three thirty in the morning, they made me explain 'pornography' and 'perversion' to them - which is all right, except for the wee little fact that they are twelve and thirteen! They also made me catalogue the hottest people that I know. But then I decided that enough was enough and gave them a full-fledged lecture on multiple personality disorders when they started discussing Jean Grey versus the Phoenix, and then fell asleep amidst torture. Woke up this morning to discover K still crushing my fingers in his sleep. And similar things happened when I tried sneaking a nap this afternoon. Ek ekta sample piece.
Apart from this, plenty more vileness has been meted out to me, including my messenger conversations being read, my entire online usage being monitored, and my phone being snatched away from me while I was speaking with A, and many other things that I am just too tired to write down.
Met SB at City Centre, and hung out there again since it was too hot to go elsewhere (I'll probably haunt that place even when I'm dead), and observed many many interesting things about many many couples.

Am angry with my mother tonight. She didn't let me do much that I wanted to do today. Am off to bed. Exhausted. Will probably update this post at some point.

UPDATE: Edited post to correct typos and add links. Too lazy to do much else.