Monday, June 26, 2006

Only shooting stars

Would you believe it if I told you that I have no time to blog?

I'm rehearsing eight hours a day for the play, and no longer have a life. I'm leaving home at nine in the morning, and getting back at eleven at night. I am free in between from two in the afternoon and six in the evening, but owing to the fact that most other people do have lives, and not lots of free time, I haven't much to do during that time. Wandering about vela in Park Street seems to be the thing to do. I'm free only on Fridays, and so I try doing as much then as possible. Last Friday, this happened, and tired and exhausted as I was after it (I won't even begin on what and how much work I had to do), hung out with ItK and KN and JD at their friend's place for a while, and then came home, and went on to Someplace Else. Met some people that I hadn't met in a long time there, and they looked very shocked to see me, especially with A. Heh.
Spent most of my free hours at OlyPub yesterday, with a whole bunch of volunteers from the admission test. It was strange, being at Oly and not drinking. DC had to sponsor two-seventh of my food since I'm broke. And I also slapped an annoying prat on the jaw in the middle of Oly for being annoying and patting me on the head. I'd warned him that that was exactly what would happen, but he didn't care to pay much attention. So phataash! it was. And I'm not feeling particularly abashed either - he quite deserved it. He managed to get on A's nerves from within three seconds of them being introduced, and that takes doing.
I have a rare evening off from rehearsal today. Will probably head off to Someplace for a while, or if I am too tired, come home and be vela since A is busy again.
That's all for now. I'll see you when I see you.

P.S.: People are going to come for the play, and laugh at my very fake American accent, I think.