Wednesday, June 21, 2006


1. I auditioned for a play, and got through. So yay. But have to rehearse a lot, and also need to pick up an American accent. The second bit really isn't working out yet.

2. Because of rehearsals and socialising in between, I have not been doing much for the BA admission test this year. I feel guilty, as well as somewhat left out.

3. My mother has started talking serious again - has been asking me if I'm smoking, planning to get married, and instructing me to not have sex.

4. I have a very faint bruise on my breastbone and a slight ache from stupid man thrusting his shoulder into my sternum in his efforts to grope me near Park Street metro station. And sniffled much mentally after another man tried feeling me up on an autorickshaw soon after.

A nibble is four bits. Four little bits of information. You get the general idea. Yes, I have lost my wit.