Saturday, May 27, 2006

Kiss smeared, among other things.

I wanted to dance last night. I even wore a short skirt and my Roman sandals for the occasion, even though my legs feel murdered within five minutes of stepping into them and look a wee bit too muscular to be strictly pretty. But Someplace Else had a very drunk Anjan Dutta singing Bob Dylan covers very badly to commemorate his birthday - a hard set of numbers to dance to. So I sat instead, and drank very expensive and badly made fresh lime soda, and conversed. Did have one awkward moment, though - when my halter slipped at the back, and I didn't notice for a while. Felt like drowning myself somewhere - aaaaah. And on my way to SPE, I managed to step on my toe with my own heel. Which is a bizzare feat to accomplish, apart from being quite painful. And I reached forty minutes late, but was forgiven after pleading puppy-facedly. And my legs dangle from the bar stools even when I'm wearing heels. I must be really short. And my overshirt absolutely stank of stale cigarette smoke when I got home even though I hadn't been smoking at all, and my mother sniffed at me disapprovingly, and was only convinced of my innocence after much effort. But all that apart, I had a very nice time. So yay!

And one of
those little things melted in my bag, and got smeared all over the place. I now have a Kiss smeared bag, an eraser, a pen, a writing board, a copy of Freud's essay on "The 'Uncanny'", a term paper on the same, an answer on H.P. Lovecraft, a purse, a handkerchief, a mirror, and a matchbox. Anybody want?

I also suffered my first bout of semi-dehydration yesterday. Walking from Maidan to Rabindra Sadan in the blazing afternoon heat is clearly not a good idea, even in the quest for food. Felt very woozy and ill when I got home - had to drink lots of water and sleep to feel better.

By the way,
WIPlash is out. Copies are available for Rs.30 each. Please buy. Mail me, I'll tell you how to.

And now...
Tekeli-li! No, I won't explain that one.

P.S.: It has been rightly pointed out to me that I begin sentences with 'and' a bit too often. I must do something about that.