Sunday, May 28, 2006

All that she is

Teleute is

Lurka 'the Small' Darnswool of Hardbottle, when a Hobbit
Vadrielith Cúthalion, when Elven
Raena the Ironfoot, when a Dwarf
Ethoethien of the Men of Númenor, when Human
Sharkey of the Great Ones, when a Wizard

Mia is

Alatar the White, when a Wizard
Mirendabeth Voronwë, when Human
Brira Orc-death, when a Dwarf
Amowiel Undómiel, when Elven
Elaera Broadbeam of the Shire, when a Hobbit

Toots is

Braryan Long Cleve of Fair Downs, when a Hobbit
Isidien the Fair, when Elven
Raevyan , Queen of Khazad-dûm, when a Dwarf
Davia of the Wild Men, when Human
Sharkey of the High Ones of Arda, when a Wizard

Spadistb-Next is

Aiwendil , Grey Pilgrim, when a Wizard
Braena the Ironfoot, when a Dwarf
Ysaessa 'Proudfoot' Stoors , Princess of the Halflings, when a Hobbit
Pil-Gang Eluchíl, when Elven
Airabeth of the Men of the West, when Human

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