Thursday, April 06, 2006

Odds and ends

I am ashamed to admit that I did not until this evening know that the rumours about Tommy Hilfiger being racist were just that - rumours. I've now read this and this and many more articles, and feel suitably chastened.

My grandmother came back from Delhi last night after nearly a month long stay with my aunt. Consequently, I have received many gifts. A pair of very pretty silver coloured danglers, a desk calendar, a deodorant (fortuitous, I say - I've just nearly run out of deodorant, and am too broke to buy another one), a fancy-ish belt (really not my style, but I'll wear it and experiment, nonetheless), and
this perfume. And a huuuuuze watch. I am not kidding - the watch is freaking gigantic! The dial is as big as my wrist, and the watch strap is three quarters as broad - my wrist can just not be seen when I put it on. There's also a chain kind of thing attached to the strap, and there are other little bits of metal on it, as well. Very Goth. I am quite awed by it.

On a different matter, I am very annoyed. Such drivel. I am not particularly offended because of the personal attack - but I am affronted because of the sheer nastiness of what is being said about all concerned. But on a lighter note - why are such non-factual aspersions being cast on me?

I took the day off from college yesterday. It was a sensible decision, I think. I needed a break. I'm slightly better today.