Monday, April 17, 2006

An Ant-i Attack!

Ants have made themselves at home inside my keyboard. I type, and they keep on creeping out! It is quite disturbing, and more than a little amusing. I have tried blowing hard between the keys to chase them out, and also poking them out with a pin, but all these measures have had but little effect. And I'm too scared to take the keys out and clean the keyboard properly - I just do not have enough faith in my ability to put the keys back together properly. What if I break something? Aaargh.
Oho - there are three that I can see right now, creeping out from between the arrow keys. Holy flying pig - it's teeming with ants now. Eeeeks!

P.S.: On the subject of ants, please don't miss
Deadant. It's very funny. :)