Wednesday, December 28, 2005

toots on tuesday

there are so many people that i don't want to meet, but i must, because they care too much, and i can't bear to hurt them.

i have an examination tomorrow, for which i don't need to study. but i have one on friday, for which i do need to study, but i am not doing so because i'm just not in the mood. i'd much rather do an extended coffee or adda kind of a thing right now.

there is no running water in the house - the people who live downstairs are getting their water lines cleaned or some such, and chose not to warn us in advance that we wouldn't have water for the day. people at home are in an unpleasant mood.

i'm being screamed at by the parents for internet addiction. which is actually a pretty valid accusation. but i'm not sure how to explain to them that i'm not quite ready or willing for rehab just yet.

i wish i weren't at home today.