Thursday, November 24, 2005

and what has she been up to?

friday - wore a skirt to gyan manch. legs froze. also, got up on a really crowded bus, and had a screw digging into my ass all the way from camac street to gariahat.

saturday - was bored during seminar, and went out and climbed a tree.

sunday - was stalked from jatin das park metro station to park street barista by lucknow nibasi vinod, who went away only after i started walking up to a policeman.

monday - heard the brilliant remark eke bole cleavage na thakleo dekhano.

tuesday - managed to croak out story during presentation after voice decided to go away to play with the frogs at three in the morning.

wednesday - smoked in class. professor offered cigarette. also, was running for the next class, turned a corner, and failed to brake, and fell thwack! in front of professor. and then, later, while i was in the ladies' loo, a chocolate bomb went off in the men's loo, and scared the life out of me. it is infinitely disturbing to be in a bathroom, and hear BANG! and look up, and see sparks!