Saturday, June 25, 2005

so, finally managd to watch batman begins today. ws totally awsm! 80 bucks paisa wasool. m favorite batman movie, dis - d only thngs missin wer jack nicholson n danny devito! bt d backgrnd score ws a bit jarrin n intrusive. n katie holmes has to go! man, she ws awful - nt only ws she a simperin nyaka prude, she lookd old n wrinkled to boot! it ws so gross wen bruce eventually kisses rachel - yuck! bt christian bale... aah... i cud jst lick d boy up if he wer servd on an ice-cream platter.

also went fr the wyrd sisters. brilliant play. well directed, great costumes, sets n lights, n performances wer superb, as well... i nevr wud hav believed sm of d ppl in it cud act d way dat dey did! d music ws bit freaky, tho...

ps: didn't like batman's ears - dey kinda curved inwards, n lookd a bit weird. n i wish d batmobile ws a bit sleeker. othr dan dat, batman begins rocks! wish i had d money to go watch it again :-C