Friday, June 24, 2005

look at her ladies n gentlemen! does she look newhere near ready to get married?

maa jst walkd into d room a few mins back in d middle of m bein gainfully occupied in tryin to photograph m hair (m hair looks great today, u c!), n askd me if i had ne plans of gettin married soon! completely flummoxed, i sed i didn't. so she askd wen i ws plannin to get married... so i told her wen i found mself a boyfrnd who'd stick, n fr 3 or 4 yrs at least; so mebbe wen i'm 26 or 27? (all dis ws bein volunteerd in a decidedly "wat d hell am i spposd to make of dis?" n iffy manner). so she stood dere, considerin, n den sed "good" aftr a few moments n went away.
it ws damn funny, n scary as hell!

dis is one of d "hair"-pics, btw.