Saturday, February 02, 2008


Tagged. Ergo, six scintillating tidbits of information about me that will make you want to get to know me Really Well.

1. I am a stiletto wearer at heart. In an ideal world, I would wear pretty stilettoes and sashay gracefully all the time, and people would gasp and be struck speechless at the incredible beauty of my legs and the gentle sway of my hips. In real life, I have two pairs with 4" heels, and after putting them on once every two months, I wince for a while and then grimly soldier on in a drunken totter as my legs die and go to hell.

2. I am addicted to obsessing. I ALWAYS have a Current Obsession.

3. Limelight! Come, I love you, I want you. You must be on me! Okay, but in a gentle covert sort of way.

4. I miss being on stage. I miss dancing.

5. Generalizing, but women don't like me. Usually, I get along far better with men. Or women who are quite a bit older than me. Aishwarya, my oracular love, says that this is because the others are all jealous of my Divine Radiance. This must be true.

6. The bizarrest thing that has ever happened to me is hilarious, but I can't put that down here because, really, TMI.