Friday, November 23, 2007

Say hello to new improved stitch-removed Toots

What has been happening?

Surgery. Pain. SWELLING. Coming to terms with the fact that one's face, given enough surgical things done to one's teeth, can look like a cross between an overripe papaya and Jay Leno.

PHISPC. Lovely editor. Men who cannot reference. Urghhh. Workworkwork.

Above average. Computer hanky panky. Deadlines. Missed deadlines. Impending deadlines. Dead-lines. DOOM.

Paper. Workwork. But good paper. Nice marks.

Exams. Exam preparation nada. Hyperventilation.

Cancelled bridge games. Waaaaaaaah!

Nandigram. Silent march. Read.

Taslima Nasreen. Curfew. Read.

This city has gone mad. I cannot explain it, defend it, justify it. I can only hope to live my life every day and hope that everyone and everything moves on.