Friday, July 27, 2007

Are all advertisers mad?

I wrote a copy test for an advertising firm yesterday. They wanted answers that weren't direct, and asked us to think 'laterally' (as opposed to literally, as a friend puts it). One of the questions asked us to write a limerick on an existing brand of soap. For the longest time, I could think of no brands apart from Lux (rhyming with 'flux') and Palmolive (rhyming with 'die or live'). This is what I finally came up with. And then collapsed on the floor giggling.

On Jai Soap:

Jai soap ki jai ho
Keero ke dil mein bhay ho
Gandagi hatao
Badbooko bhagao
Mehkoge isse nahaya toh

I bow. And wait for the applause.