Monday, March 05, 2007

Of waffles and Tooleute

Last Wednesday, post the book history test—preparation for which had consisted of passing out atop my books at one in the morning and waking up at twenty eight minutes past nine—I fell asleep in the evening while Waffle was making me waffles. Woke up with a start upon being prodded by Waffle, and realised that I had been dreaming of a duodecimo being folded and unfolded! And then I fell asleep again, and dreamt of being a silent witness to the Statute of Anne being drafted after the lapse of the Licensing Act in 1695. After I woke up, I ate waffles, and spent time being disturbed and scared of ever going to sleep again. There's more book history floating around in my head than I can handle.


And tonight...

Me: Wow
I am impressed

UaTH: You are not impressed. You are a shona.

Me: I am an impressed shona
Like gold tooling on a book

UaTH: Tooleute

Me: Shyte. Wayyyyyy too much book history


Wayyyyyy too much book history, I tell you. But I like waffles. And Tooleute, too. :)