Saturday, February 10, 2007

TGIF. Right.

Was pissed off with myself in the morning because of my lately developed chronic unpunctuality. Did not do classes out of sheer laziness. In the afternoon, decided to, after much thought, go watch a movie at Nandan. Decided to opt for an E1 because it's usually faster than the metro, and was then stuck in it for more than forty five minutes. They said at the Nandan counter that the tickets for twenty rupees weren't available, but when we went inside after paying forty for each ticket, we found the that the twenty seats were all unoccupied. And Traffic Signal is the world's WORST film. There's no story, no excuse for a plot, no performance worth watching... NOTHING. We ran out after sitting through nearly fifty minutes of it, and NO regrets whatsoever. Even the 'fish butter fry' at the stall outside was not good. And to top it all, on my way back to JU, fell down on the stairs at the Rabindra Sarobar metro station, and had to walk up three storeys with a sore leg for class.
A day of utmost metaphorical-KLPD.

HappyMushySniffly now, though. Good night, all. :)