Monday, January 29, 2007

All These Things That I've Done

Grouchy. Got pissed off with someone yesterday, and was in a bad mood all afternoon and evening and night, except for some time spent with friends. Slept late, woke up late. Tinkered with blog template. Blogger beta refuses to accept my Statcounter code for some reason, so I am temporarily without a site tracker. I don't really mind not knowing how many people are reading my blog, but I used to like looking at the 'referral links' section; found quite a few nice blogs that way. Not feeling particularly coherent. Something's on my mind and making me a little upset. I keep telling myself that I don't really care, but the apparent ostracisation is bothering me. I don't care too much, but I could have lived without it anyway. Ah well. My life, my way and all that. But still, rankles. Hurts, just a little. Moments of insecurity. Moments of listlessness. Still not over the not being allowed to go climbing thingy. My mother's been bugging me a bit as well. Class test coming up in three days. Medical check up should happen soon as well. After many days of blissful existence, earth calling Telytoot. Sigh.
At least it's a good hair day.