Sunday, December 24, 2006

Where's the party tonight?

I got very very drunk at Oly today with The Fish and two boys. Two other ladies also graced the occasion with their presence, but much to our collective dismay, drank not a drop and stayed only a very short while. But we were much gratified since they at least turned up unlike this lady, who blew us off to go shopping. Shopping? Over us??? Hah!, I say. Anyway, much fun was had. Much much of it. Now the only question is, in the real world, do lighting a matchstick with one hand (the box and the stick are all held in the same hand; and you do NOT get to use your other hand at all; it's not easy) and cutting a steak with a butter knife count as skills? And do I need to cut down on the amount I laugh when drunk?

The downside of all this: I had a sore throat in the morning. So maybe bathing in cold water because I couldn't be bothered with heating the water and having heaps of ice in my drinks wasn't such a great idea. Shit, I think I'm starting a fever. And so close to my trip as well. Noooooooooo!

But the memory of shoving bits of vegetables and matchsticks down people's t-shirts and having my head insulted shall nurture me through my illness, I hope.

Orange-and-white Convocation, here I come!