Tuesday, December 05, 2006

On the classification of Wimpires

Mia: come online tomorow same time
if u wanna scrap

Rincewind: What??

Mia: Scrap left by random boy on Orkut

Rincewind: Oh

I see

Mia: What an incredible pick up line! :D

Rincewind: Indeed

Mia: A special epithet needs be invented for boys such as these

Rincewind: Such as?

Mia: Thinking

Something sufficiently expressive


Mia: Scrapophilia - The disorder which leads people to try picking up women on Orkut

Also known as Frusperation—a heady mix of frustration and desperation

People suffering from Scrapophilia shall henceforth be known as Frusperatoo

Rincewind: Hehe... well done!

Mia: :D

Rincewind: Sounds like Nosferatu

Mia: Well, that was the intention...

Frustrated and desperate men who flit from one Orkut scrap window to another, looking for skimpily clad women. Or any kind of woman.

Imagine Frusperatoo swooping in for the kill...

hi luvly, wanna frnsp?

Rincewind: This works quite well I see....

The Wimpire

No, does not sound right

Mia: No no, Wimpire works quite well

Men who are too wimpy to pick up women in real life

Rincewind: Count Lackula

Mia: Hehe

Count Lackula
Aiming to Score

That is Frusperatoo's visiting card

Frusperatoo is then a special breed of Wimpire

Rincewind: Hehe, I can see a blogpost shaping up: On the classification of Wimpires

Mia: Oh yes! :D