Friday, December 01, 2006

Three days and counting

I wanted to write a longish post, because many thingsfunny or otherwisehave been happening, but I am feeling too lazy to put things together. Also, I really should be studying.
Though I have had quite a few drinks this last week, the aim is to remain sober until the exams get over completely.
I've also been subsituting one idiot box for another. My efforts to stay away from the computer
so that I may study have led me straight to the television set. Been watching lots of TV.
Met Arka. Was fun.
I also received a very drunken phone call from a very drunken boy. But it was faintly disappointing because he did not say anything particularly gossipy or scandalous. But was mightily relieved when said boy reached home and turned out to be fine later on, because he'd sounded really worryingly drunk.
Grammar test yesterday was disastrous. Had I not actually written it, I would not have believed that my grammar is as bad as it appears to be. Arghh.
There was a biyebari that I attended last night. Me mommy played dress-up with me hair. So I went, elegantly clad in pretty saree, and with hair done up in fancy knot. (My hair is finally long enough to be put up properlyYAY!) And I also joined the rank of masochistic women who prance about inadequately clad in freezing temperatures in a small way. A very small way. I went in a halter-neck blouse, and without a wrap. Which is remarkable feat for me, if you know precisely how sheetkature I am.
I am Cheery Littlebottom according to the JUDE 'Which Discworld character are you?' thingy. I had aspirations of being Susan Sto Helit, but that idea has been rather brutally nipped in the bud. I adore Cheery, though. And the Cheery cartoons are really cute.
I think I won the Insomniacs Challenge last night.
In another incident, the owner of a certain well known tea establishment called me hot, and the-NOT-perpetually-stoned-TrippyG thought that she was referring to my tea. Teahee!

Meh, I don't want to write my exams.