Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dance with me!

or The Further Adventures of Dancy Toots

I wrote the Bleak House test today. Touchwood, I think it didn't go too badly. And the fearsome man has agreed to give me a retest. So blessed be. Even though it means studying for one more test, it is better than getting a zero for being absent. Faint stirrings of relief.

This dancing thing that's been driving me crazy for the last week or so - I've found a kind of makeshift outlet for the craziness. At university, of all places. Yesterday, I grabbed people arbitrarily in the department, and made them dance with me without any music. Suffice to say that much reluctance was expressed by all my ad hoc dance partners, be they male or female. This evening, however, was much much more fun. Inhouse dance enthusiasts also turned up, and much makeshift Salsa-ing was done, with MG as instructor for better part of it all. Many steps and stances were tried out by many people with varying degrees of success and a very high degree of mirth and hilarity. The drill also involved me being picked up and spun around by many people, and then being flipped upside down and then spun around by the waist with a leg outstretched by the strong and remarkable LB. There was also complicated step which involved me standing with my back to LB and then leaping up to clasp my legs backwards around his waist and resting my butt against his stomach, and him dipping me forward from my waist while I swayed (hopefully) elegantly. Very complicated, and I can't quite describe it properly. But it all did look very nice. And I learnt a couple of Salsa and Jive steps. And all this happened outside the doors of a classroom while a class was going on, and the students in it were staring aghast. :)
It felt SO good to be dancing even a little bit after such a long time. My back and legs have had more exercise today than in the last three months. I am very plesantly exhausted. I think I might have overdone it a bit, though - the foot feels a little sore. But but but it felt good. So yay!

Candid Camera moment of the day: When I didn't quite jump high enough and LB couldn't quite support my weight during attempt at step described last and so I had to flip forward and had to rest my weight on my arms while I was sort of upside down, only that my legs were still clasped around LB's waist, and from my the vantage point of my head hanging downwards I could see from between LB's legs the look of utter shock, horror and aghastment on the face of innocent bystander behind LB who'd come upon us quite unexpectedly in the course of his leisurely walk along the departmental corridor. Hee. :P