Thursday, September 14, 2006

O where o where?

The play went well, I think - could have been better, but wasn't too bad either. Had splitting headache on morning of show, but survived. Good things have been said about play, as well as not-so-good things. But it was fun doing it - so I have no complaints. After show, we all went to The Old Tavern, where most people proceeded to get somewhat drunk. However, I demurely split a Chicken Sweet Corn Soup with BL because neither of us had money enough to afford much else. Went to Someplace Else after that, and danced like mad. DR is most excellent dancer, I am fan.
Am feeling a bit aimless right now. Somewhat spaced out. Attention span and concentration gone for a toss. Feel absolutely no inclination to do anything that is remotely useful, leave alone study. I have a test coming up, that I should be very concerned about, since I don't know anything about anything that's in the syllabus, but can't really bring myself to care.
I haven't been well lately. I don't mean ill, but just that I haven't been feeling too good.
I've become so very sad and depressing. I want to buy lots of nice clothes, but have no money. I need placebo retail therapy.