Monday, September 04, 2006

And I'm back

It seems so long since I've just sat at the computer and done pretty much nothing all day long. Feels almost new, this. Much has happened in the last few weeks, much that I want to say, but don't feel the inclination at this moment to write it all down.
I have a new computer now, after much drama - the first person that we tried buying it from tried swindling us and there were mad scrambles to the bank regarding 'Stop Payment!', etc - and I'm loving it. Also, loving Mozilla Firefox.
Will also be making my silver screen debut soon with ten minute role in Bangla film. ;) And I shall leave you in suspense about which film it is. But you can come and watch me in a play, and be much impressed at my thespian abilities.
So here it is.

(Gyan Manch, 11th September, 7 pm)

Okay fine. Come for the play at least, if not for me.