Sunday, August 13, 2006


My computer has finally fucked itself - and not produced any offspring, for those who have asked. Now I am computer-less, and rather screwed when it comes to assignments and assessments and communication and entertainment, too. :(

Went to horrible horrible biyebari yesterday. But lots of nice food. Did not eat phuchka, rumali roti, nan, navratan korma, dahi fish, fish munihari, noodles, chicken manchurian, many many types of mishti and some more things that I cannot remember. But did manage to eat fourteen assorted pieces of chicken kebab and fish fry, pulao, dal makhani, mutton rogan josh, three pieces of tandoori chicken and butterscotch icecream. Yum!

Also, will probably not be posting until I get new computer, and my father has refused to buy me one. So there. Waaah.