Friday, June 09, 2006


Wonderful day yesterday.
Went to watch X-Men: The Last Stand at Inox, City Centre with RBC and DC, bright and early in the morning. But missed the first twenty minutes or so because Madame DC decided to be fashionably late. Nonetheless, fun movie, and I liked it much. DC went away soon after, but then we met SB, and proceeded to spend the next six and a half hours in and around City Centre. There was coffee and tea and the Curacao look/taste-alike and chicken (I realised that I like the fried and grilled chicken that I make better than thr fried chicken thingy from the KFC here) and ice cream (I'm really
really gross when I eat ice cream from a crispy cone - clumsy just doesn't cut it; SB and RBC went off into peals of laughter, and declared that the sight may have scarred some poor child for life, and scary threats for children will henceforth include ... nahin toh ice cream wali aunty aa jayegi) and posing for pictures in front of hideous lingerie clad mannequins and much conversation.
And I may not have had a dog give birth on my lap, or been accosted by kitten-afterbirth saturated underwear, unlike my illustrious companions of the day, but I
have seen the future of Indian Writing in English hang from monkey bars in Youngsters' Park. So there.
And when I got home, my mother told me that I should stop hanging around with celebrities so much, and attempt to become one myself. Heehee.