Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Miss me much?

Work. Lots of it. So much that I've actually been zoning off in the middle of conversations because I'm thinking up points for a presentation, and have been brought to earth with a thud from a very pleasant high because a classmate called me up to ask if I was working or not, and made me feel terribly guilty about sitting in a fancy restaurant and blissfully eating and getting drunk. That presentation was scheduled to happen today, preceded by two tests, one after the other. The tests happened, but the presentation has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon because of recurring powercuts in college. I won't even begin on how frustrating that is, because we had to do much running around to complete work for it, since the college computers were out of commission because of the lack of electricity, and only then was the rescheduling was announced. And I did really very badly for one test. The other one was average.
Today was also my last day of under-graduate classes. I still do have to go in for presentations and extra classes and the like, but they don't really count. I suppose I should feel nostalgic and all that, but all I actually feel is relief. It's finally over. I'll go back for my Masters, in all likelihood, but at least I'm through with these three years. It seems so very long ago when I entered university. I'm quite exhausted.

It's been raining this evening. In the crazy kind of way that makes me feel like spreading my arms out wide and turning my face up and being blinded by the rain and having everything wash away from me.