Tuesday, April 11, 2006

And I'm losing my favourite game. You're losing your mind again.

Uff! I have had it with mosquitoes in the shower. I like company in the shower, yes, but not that of mosquitoes! Or any other manner of insect, let me add.

In other news, I'm completely swamped. A test on Thursday, another one next week; a term paper due for submission next Thursday, a presentation on the same day, and another term paper due the Monday after. I feel like sitting down on the floor, throwing my arms about, and bawling. Sympathy will be very welcome.

I managed to cut the index finger of my left hand yesterday. I was trying to trim my nails, and the blade slipped out of my hand and lodged itself in my finger like a sai. I had to pull it out. It was... painful. And bloody. It still is. Painful, not bloody. I also have very many paper cuts and the like. Very cutting days, these are.

And oh, I finally have both the Sutta and the Gaand mein danda songs on my computer. Yay!

This band called Krystal Grass played very nice music at Someplace Else last night. They did murder a couple of songs - and songs that I really like, at that - but the rest of it was rather good. But they did 'Black Velvet' and 'Smooth Operator' and other old favourites really really well - so I'm happy. The woman who sings lead has an incredible voice. But it was unfortunate that most of the people present (there weren't very many - for a while I was the only woman there apart from the singer, as A pointed out) didn't recognise most of the songs, and therefore, there was hardly any applause. I felt bad for the band. But I had fun - so all is good. I'd dressed up pretty, too. And I didn't smoke or drink or anything. What a good girl I'm becoming!

Why hasn't Kalboishakhi hit this year?