Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Papers and marks and what not

I stayed at home and spent all morning writing a rather bad paper, which I should have done last week. That is not to say that I should have written the paper badly last week, no - but that I should have written it somehow and submitted it by last Friday. In this endeavour, I was constantly interrupted by the parents with all sorts of very arbitrary remarks and requests. Consequently, in the blazing three o'clock heat, I rushed out of the house in a very bad mood, so that I could take a printout of the paper from a cybercafe, buy a file for it, and then attend class at a quarter to four. I managed to make it to college after doing all those various things, and being rudely commented and leered at by a taxi driver who actually bothered to slow the taxi down and give me full benefit of his performance for a good fifteen seconds, in time for class, only to find out that the class wasn't about to happen. In fact, it had been announced that this would be so in the last class, and I hadn't known about this because I had bunked it. Payback, much?
I also picked up my marksheet today, and realised that my marks for an internal assessment for my Middle English course hadn't been added to the total. If they are added, then my percentage should go up from sixty five and a half to sixty eight, and hopefully that should be enough to stop my mother from talking about unsatisfactory marks. She is very volubly not made happy by a first class as I am; there must be More Marks. Gah. This increase thing should hypothetically have been a simple process, except for this minor problem of the professor who was offering this course not being in the country. So I must wait for
the sole other JUDEan who'd taken up this course to pick up her marksheet, and check if the same error has occurred for her, and then go and speak to the Head of the Department. Now that is a somewhat scary prospect. Ki chaap. Ki tension.
Dhur. Bhalo laage na.