Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mumbling. Grumbling.

My form for the JNU entrance examination is yet to be picked up and mailed to me. And I need to fill it and send it in by the 17th of this month. Which means that I need to post it by the 15th. Now, tomorrow being Thursday, if the form is picked up and mailed to me, then it will presumably reach my house on Saturday, which is the 11th. I have to go visiting cousins with my mother, and therefore, I leave town on Saturday bright and early in the morning. And I get back on Wednesday, the 15th, in the evening. Now how the fuck am I going to manage to complete and send in the form in time?

Also, I was toying with the idea of presenting a paper at a Students' Seminar at university. The seminar is taking place on the 31st of this month and the 1st of next, and abstracts for papers are due by the 15th. I won't even be going to college on the 15th because of this visiting cousins thing, and am unlikely to come up with a brilliant idea and an abstract for a paper by the day after tomorrow, either. Writing the abstract on my little trip and then submitting it (accompanied by much pleading) on the 16th seems like a great plan, except for the fact that since I won't be at home, I won't have computer and internet access, and hence, no resources. So, what do you know - this little idea seems doomed, too.

Muchos Complicatos.