Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Marital Matters

My parents were squabbling this afternoon. And my father told my mother that the word wife stands for Worries Invited For Ever. Not to be outdone, my mother decided to come up with an acrostic of her own.

H for Human (she said 'Horse' first, but then changed her mind)
U for Uncultured (he - cricket; she - soaps; one television set)
S for Stupid (this was helpfully suggested by the man of the moment himself)
B for Bear (I still insist that 'Bhalluk' packs more of a punch)
A for Ant (I suggested 'Arshola')
N for Naturolax (I really don't know why)
D for Dirty (she thinks he is a slob)

And she concluded with a triumphant grin and the gleeful announcement: My list is longer than yours!

Maane. Really.