Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Crypto-Amnesia Club

Despise participation, and emptiness will come from within and without. When a mind is received into emptiness... the body becomes complicit. Moments of beauty - or of inspiration - are born out of, and witnessed in, solitude... Love becomes an attempt to communicate those moments, they can never be shared.
All theories concerning the origin of emptiness are as good as useless, but once the process begins then the flame of life inside whoever embodies and inhabits that emptiness shall never be starved, but burn forever, paying for its permanence with the awareness of itself. Beauty still comes to this flame, scorching her wrists as she kneels to listen to the voice that chatters on to itself. [She] hear[s] enough of that too soon, and walk[s] out.

- Michael Bracewell
The Crypto-Amnesia Club, 1988