Monday, February 27, 2006

My Man

1. Must feed me whenever I am hungry.
2. Must be intelligent and reasonably attractive, and I am unwilling to overlook the absence of either attribute even if the other is in excess.

3. Must be likeable, clean, a good conversationalist, and physically affectionate.
4. Must put up with me whining, sniffling, bitching, being admittedly clingy on rare occasions, being absolutely arbitrary, being broke almost all the time (and sponsor transportation costs back home accordingly), and accidentally kneeing him in the groin.
5. Must most definitely turn me on.
6. Must be happy spending time with me doing absolutely nothing. And I must be comfortable falling asleep with him.
7. Must keep me interested, and be able to take me by surprise.
8. Must like me at least as much as I like him.

I was tagged by Vishnupriya, and true to the tradition of spreading misery whenever it is possible, I tag UI, Claudio, J.A.P. Kaku, Mah Hee-row!, Baybee!, Jill, Cotton Candy Consumer, and Ru.