Saturday, January 07, 2006


my back hurts so bad! i've spent six freaking hours cleaning my room. i was that bad. and it wasn't entirely the doing of Toots the Slob either - the problem with my room is that part of the ceiling is sort of caving in under pressure from the water tank which is directly above the room, even though there is an entire storey in between. essentially, the north-east corner of the entire house is crumbling. and it's quite scary at times. anyway, the reason that this affects the general cleanliness of my room is that there's always flakes of plaster and occasionally chunks of broken brick respectively fluttering or crashing downwards. strike one for the Dirt and Debris Monster. and then there is, of course, the inherently slobbish Me the Inhabitant, who is rarely, if ever moved to clean. it's only desperation that drives me to it; the last time i was desperate enough to attempt more than superficial dusting was the year before last, though i did do some light cleaning before my birthday. my room, now, i'm glad to announce, looks reasonably respectable. and i need only another hour or so with it to rearrange the bookshelf and all. although, i feel compelled to admit that i haven't cleaned inside the shelves. but i have washed the curtains and put away my photocopies of the last semester, so i'm not an entirely phnaakibaaj person.

word of caution: do not attempt to wash heavy curtains without the aid of a washing machine. your spine may never recover from the assault.
oh for a backrub!

in other news, much fun was had yesterday. hung out for hours with A, S and D, met M, S, B and J, then went for M's birthday party. the M-s and S-s are not to be confused with each other - they are all quite distinct from one another.
also, the french manicure has been ruined thanks to A clawing at my nails, and tyangra maachher kalo jirer jhol.