Tuesday, December 13, 2005

this last week

... has been very very strange. i have been told that my bangla is heavily accented - according to arka, i say chant-ey instead of chnaati, and according to trina, i say aek-tuh iced tea aar aek-tuh iced masaala chaay. most disgruntled, i went to the father for declamation against such unjust accusations, and was told hyaan, tumi rege gele khub accented kothabarta bolo. gah. i like enunciating my words, even if they are bangla ones, and the rest of you can just go take a leap.
i have also been fed very good food, have had burning questions partially answered, been dragged halfway across the city to places i know nothing of, been suffering from disturbed sleep, been gifted a calender, been sent to scour for parent-like people inside Olypub at ru's behest, been told that i resemble avril lavigne in a hooded jacket, been captured on a cell phone (MMS-ed? i don't know if it was a video or a still picture) at Someplace Else by random acquaintances, been accused of grabbing the nether regions of a certain person (yes, i did, if you must know. but there wasn't much to grab :D), been subjected to the sight of ani slipping his hand inside arka's kurta(i?), and have heard him say aei arka, tor strap dekha jacchhe. i am traumatised beyond belief.
exams are from the day after tomorrow. i still haven't studied anything. in fact, i haven't even started trying. instead, i have taken recourse to reading literotica and stealing fish fries from the fridge at two in the morning.