Monday, December 19, 2005

it's nearly christmas

... and i have a craving for christmas carols. i used to have this one casette of carols that i'd listen to over and over again every winter, until my casette player finally died. in school, christmas was, of course, an occasion. we would prepare and practise and decorate and do all sorts of stuff; and inevitably end up performing or watching a rather lame skit about the nativity. and every year that i can remember, this one girl got picked to play jesus, because she was tall and had longish hair. but it didn't really matter. there was merriness in the air. and the skit apart, i would love the carols. there's just something so terribly... joyous about them! and we'd all sing along very enthusiastically, and oftentimes (each and every time, in my case) rather tunelessly. i miss that now - that enthusiasm, that zest - since leaving school. there's nothing particularly christmassy about university. it's unlikely that i'll walk along a corridor and meet another person who is happily humming you better not shout as well. but anyway. i made a point of attending at least one concert of christmas songs the last two years, and there would be the crazy carol singing binges with schoolfriends when we met up. but this year, with the onslaught of exams and other things, i've not done that.
i want to listen to carols, and sing along tunelessly, and feel merry. and i don't have any christmas music at all on my computer. so i'll beg, and be really really glad if anyone can and will be nice enough to mail me any carols.

i'm feeling a little blue at the moment. i have to be in bolpur next weekend and i don't want to be.