Friday, November 04, 2005

the day

today is bhai phonta - so a happy bhai phonta! to all for whom i have sisterly regard, and also to those who nurture brotherly feelings for me. and a belated happy diwali! to everyone.

what i have eaten today:
breakfast at nine: fishy patty, a bowl of paneer payesh
breakfast at a quarter past eleven: luchi, alu-r dom, a bowl of a different kind of payesh
lunch at a quarter to two: bhaat, begun bhaja, potol bhaja, daal, badha kopi-r torkari with chingri maachh, ilish maachh-er jhaal, mutton curry, chutney. rui maachh-er tentul-er tok was also offered, but i was too full to eat it.
snack at six: chicken pakora and salad.
was also offered a very large number and variety of mishti during the day, but i turned them down.
and for dinner last night i ate bhaat, daal, parshe maachhe-er sorshe-posto-r jhaal, chingri maachh-er malaikari, chutney.
i don't know what's for dinner tonight.
maybe i eat a wee bit too much.

also had girlie chat with friend. matters of great interest and importance were discussed. i have a non-date, i managed to thwart two attempted dates, my brains are pickled in lust, does he really like me? or is it just friendly interest?, i am going to snicker if he tries the arm around the shoulders move during the movie, should i stop seeing him 'cause i only want to make out with him?, but what if it's only friendly interest?, i'm officially admitting that i like him, we have no moral fibre...
i need a boost in morale.

clarification: the bits reported from girlie chat - they consist of things said both by my friend and me. i must not be given sole credit for every one of those brilliant gems.