Thursday, November 17, 2005

and here i thought it was a secret

i just found out that apparently the whole world knows who it was that i had a crush on for a good part of this year. obviously, i knew that he knows. and that his friends do, too. but it turns out that his friends have told other people about it. and that bothers me. friends of mine that i hadn't been comfortable enough sharing with have found out from friends of his friends.
it's been a while. i got over my crush, and moved on with my life. but i'm afraid i'm just not comfortable knowing that my erstwhile private affair wasn't private at all. i'm a little upset.

moving on, pleasanter things have happened in recent times, as far as ex-crushes are concerned.

when i was sixteen - it wasn't as long ago as you'd like to believe - i used to have a huuuuuuuze crush on a boy. now this boy, was a great quizzard, a fantastic debator, a wonderful musician, and a very good athlete as well. and academically brilliant, too. yes, yes - i know i was obsessed. in fact, so obsessed was i, that i sent him a card on his birthday! it elicited no response, i'm thankful to say - i would probably have fainted of shock if it had!
a week or so ago, i found his name on a friend's list on an online network. and naturally, asked my friend if this was indeed the same guy. it was. but made the grave grave error of telling him about the card. and annoying person that he is, he went and asked him if he remembered the girl who had sent him the card, despite much protest on my part. he did remember. and he still retains the card. along with the note i had also sent! now this little bit, i had forgotten about. but upon re-introductions being performed, i remembered in too vivid detail the contents of the said note. and inoffendible i might be, but inembarrassible i'm certainly not! so, much time was spent in trying to recapture usual hue of ears - tomato isn't the normal colour. but, once colour control was regained, i must admit, i had great fun conversing with him. and destruction of the note and the card has been promised, too.
so eat dung, all ye who were laughing at my imagined discomfiture!

and i KNOW this post doesn't make much sense.