Wednesday, October 26, 2005


i'm very cold these days. i wake up shivering. and can't go back to sleep because of the cold. i like winter - but i hate for the weather to be this cold before it arrives properly. but i like the rain - though i'm often bored out of my mind when i'm stuck at home because of it. i love it when it rains at night. when i sit by my window, and it is nearly dark outside, and i look out onto the garden of the neighbours. i can barely make out the shapes of trees - shadows darker than others; and the leaves of the coconut swish in the breeze while the smaller ones tremble. it drizzles, and the scent of wet earth seeps into my soul. raindrops go pitter-patter on the asbestos shed beneath my window, and the cold creeps up my bare legs, sending me scurrying off to bed, diving for warmth and cover. i like waking up on rainy mornings, when the skies are cloudy, and the air is a wee bit chilly. and it's just cool enough so that the tip of my nose is cold, but not my feet. i can snuggle deeper into the comfort of my bed, and feel like i'm cocooned from the rest of the world. and then i can slowly surface with the most beautiful songs playing inside my head. oh yes.