Saturday, September 17, 2005


went to watch play this evening - 'twas really really terrible. there were actually two bits to it - first a mime, and then a play. went to watch because someone i know fom college was in it - as it turned out, there were other people i knew as well in it - thank god she's a good actress; she was the only saving grace. and the music was rather good - they had john and rahul from cassini's division playing through the mime. and rahul played during the play - a chorus-kind-of-thingy. the mime i can only describe as
1. my heart will go on... anyone who has watched it will know what i mean, and those who haven't watched it, just be grateful and thank your lucky stars.
2. furiously pumping eyebrows... no, you did not misread - eyebrows is what i said.

post interval, b'fish and i went up to the last row in the auditorium, and decided to make the trip and the money spent on tickets count for something. a trip, at least. she took out the stuff, i spread Corridor on my lap as tray, and spent the next half hour grinding away to glory in the dark, with b'fish casting light with cellphone when i was making the filter. methinks there's something hugely funny about that one - never have i paid any book such an apt compliment. i would have been most gratified for such tribute had i been the author :D
and then, after the play, we walked up and down pretoria street, and smoked our very strong and pure funny cigarette.

rolling up in a dark auditorium is rather difficult, but such an immense sense of accomplishment it brings!

it took me an hour and thirteen minutes to blog this coherently. i be very stoned now.

update: this post has been updated some, and some corrections made. please to be forgiving unethical and unbloggly conduct.